Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment Solutions

Different companies have different recruitment needs. This makes it important to find the right solution to streamline the process, avoid waste of time and other resources, and hire individuals suited to the role and the company’s culture.

Lime House Solutions provide end-to-end recruitment solutions for companies of all sizes. We specialise in recruiting for roles associated with accounting, business analysis and investment analysis, and we are currently working on expanding the job roles and industries  we cover. Working with us to fill address your staffing needs can help relieve your company of the pressures brought about by recruitment. Read on to find out more about our recruitment solutions.

Permanent Entry-Level Recruitment Solution

Permanent entry-level positions in IT are some of the most difficult ones to fill. Qualified candidates tend to be few and far between, making competition among hiring companies particularly tough. Leaving your entry-level recruitment exclusively to us is one of the best ways to find the right candidates for your company's open roles.

Our team will provide you with end-to-end recruitment solution, from candidate sourcing and vetting  to interviewing and onboarding. Rest assured that instead of focusing on filling interview slots, we will find you high calibre entry-level candidates whom you can hire on the spot. We will also work with you when it  comes to advertising and promotion to get your message across, target the right candidates and find the right hire.

Contract and Interim Recruitment Solution

Need to fill in temporary positions due to seasonal increases? Got short-terms projects to handle but lacking manpower to get the job done? We provide contract and interim entry-level recruitment solutions to address your needs. Similar to how we search for and vet candidates for permanent employment, we take extra care in finding and hiring contract and temporary workers on behalf of our client companies. Our team does all the necessary work to find qualified candidates who are interested in contract or temporary employment.

Specialised Recruitment Solution

For specific recruitment requirements, such as specialised skills or expertise in certain areas of IT, our Specialised Recruitment solution is an ideal choice. Tapping into our team's experience and expertise, we are knowledgeable in establishing appropriate criteria for specific roles. From there, we go about finding the right candidates for the job. Usually, there are qualified candidates who are not actively looking for a job but are open to opportunities when presented. They are the ones we target, and we know where to find them.

Recruitment solutions fit for your needs

Recruit the best entry-level talents

Lime House Solutions is here to provide the support your company needs in hiring the best talents for your entry-level roles. We always consider clients' staffing requirements, allowing us to consistently exceed expectations.

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