Lime House Solutions

Lime House Solutions is a recruitment and professional development specialist. We have a proven track record in helping candidates search for and secure jobs in the IT sector. We also assist local  companies in finding the right talents for their open entry-level IT roles. We strive to be the recruiter of choice for candidates and companies alike by providing tailored recruitment services that are based on quality and excellence.

Apart from recruitment, we also provide remote mentorship and work experience programs that give candidates the opportunity for career exploration, professional development, and career advancement. Candidates get to work directly with partner companies where they are given the chance to complete tasks and projects, enabling them to gain valuable skills, build their work experience  and enhance their job qualifications and readiness.

Thoughtful Process and Strategies

The recruitment process can be a cumbersome and expensive task for both candidates and companies. We wanted to take the hard work off their hands and optimise the process for them so they can focus on more critical tasks. To do that, we employ thoughtful process and strategies in the way we deliver our services.

We understand that not all candidates and companies are the same. This is why a huge part of our process goes into knowing whom we are working with. For candidates, we find out their qualifications and career goals and develop a job search plan that is fit for the purpose. We also provide them a professional development opportunity through our mentorship and work experience programs, which they can take advantage of to  build practical skills and work experience that employers actually want to see.

For companies, we identify the entry-level IT positions they need to fill in, the business they are involved in, and the goals they would like to achieve. By knowing all these, we are able to come up with recruitment strategies that meet defined needs.

Our ability to deliver quality services is dependent on the strategies we use. Instead of doing things using a single technique, we combine traditional and modern approaches to achieve phenomenal results. From tapping into the hidden job market, to proactive networking, to using Internet resources,  to  offering professional development opportunities, we actively and wisely use what is available to us and make the most of it.

Continued Service Improvement

Although we have been in the recruitment and professional development industry for a long time, we continually find ways to improve our services and operations. We stay on top of industry trends and engage with our core markets to dig up information that will help us make informed decisions.

We have helped many candidates and companies take charge of their job and staff search and we believe we can help you, too!

To know more about us and our services, drop us a line at info@limehousesolutions.co.uk or call us at 020 3151 6398.


What Candidates And Companies Say About Us

“I was a fresh graduate when I first learned about Lime House Solutions. I decided to try out their service after several failed attempts to find work on my own. They are very helpful and went through great lengths to get to know me, understand my skills, and brief me about available opportunities suited for my qualifications. They also kept in touch with me throughout the process, which I truly appreciate since it gave me the confidence that they are there to support me all the way."

"We're impressed with Lime House Solutions' service. Their team is very knowledgeable about the recruitment process, and they took the time to understand our company's hiring needs. It was obvious that they source and choose candidates with great care because they forwarded people to us who were a great fit for qualifications we are looking for. They helped us cut back the time we spend on job search by half and gave us the solution we are looking for."

Our Mission and Values


Our main mission is to help candidates and companies alike go through the recruitment process with ease using our quality recruitment services so they can find the right jobs and staff that correspond to their needs.

Through our experience, expertise, and solutions, we hope that candidates can accelerate their job search and get their feet on the door. With the same tools, we hope that companies can effectively get their message across and fill in positions with the right people who can contribute to their success.


We are an organisation driven by values. Our values not only serve as a compass for how we should carry out our work, but also a reflection of our commitment to deliver the best level of recruitment services possible to those we work with.

  • Act according to what we believe is good for our clients and will benefit them the most.
  • Carry out responsibilities according to industry and ethical standards.
  • Determine and implement the most suitable recruitment solutions to achieve desired goals.
  • Make use and manage resources effectively.

  • Take the time to fully understand clients’ needs.
  • Adapt solutions that correspond to unique needs and are responsive to change.
  • Tap into network not just to deliver the best solutions but also maintain enduring relations.
  • Continue to innovate management practices to benefit clients.

  • Continually work to make processes and approaches straightforward.
  • Handle issues directly and communicate and coordinate with people openly.
  • Address internal issues and barriers to achieve results without time wasted.

  • Collaborate, coordinate, and communicate for better outcomes.
  • Exercise diversity and inclusivity.
  • Make staff feel valued and appreciated.
  • Hone talents and ensure continued professional development through training, mentoring, and feedback.
  • Practice accountability for both actions and inactions.

To know more about us and our services, drop us a line at info@limehousesolutions.co.uk or call us at 020 3151 6398.