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Just graduated from university and ready to embark on your first job search? Are you a professional planning to switch to a different career path? Perhaps you are gearing up to enter the job market after a long break? Whatever your career status is at the moment, working and building a relationship with Lime House Solutions can be one of the best career moves you can make. Here are some good reasons why it is worth employing our service.

Putting Candidates’ Interests Ahead of Ours

To help candidates realise their career ambitions, we take the time to know them better. We understand their career goals and identify their qualifications through screening and interviewing. These enable us to properly determine the best solutions we can take to help candidates accelerate their job search. 

Additionally, we go to great lengths in preparing candidates to enter the job market and advance in their careers. Apart from providing insights into the companies and work environment they will be in, we also offer mentorship and work experience opportunities. Through these, we arrange remote placements for candidates with companies we have ties with. They then have access to a professional mentor and are given the chance to  build their job skills and work experience through a series of tasks which they are required to complete. Put it simply, we want the best outcomes for the candidates we work with.

Be Guided by Industry Specialists

Our consultants have comprehensive background in the field. Their years of experience is what gives them the ability to scope the market, identify opportunities, and combine traditional and sophisticated search strategies that work. Moreover, they are capable of providing sound advice when it comes CV and interview preparations, responding to advertised postings, negotiating terms, and maintaining good career profile.

Receive Honest Assessment and Feedback

Part of our work involves assessing candidates, and it proves to be one of the toughest aspects of the job. This is because the outcomes we derive from our assessments will determine our next course of action.

We make use of a wide range of assessment tools, from pre-employment skills testing to reference checks to interviews. Through these, we are able to determine the capabilities of candidates and provide them honest feedback about their chances. We are also able to present them opportunities that, we believe, are a good fit for what they can bring to the table, even if those opportunities are not what they are originally targeting. In a way, our assessment enables us to help candidates open themselves up to other opportunities and career options.

Get Connected with the Right Employers

Over the years in service, we have built relationships with numerous local companies. This gives us better insights into different industries, trends, and needs. This also gives us tremendous advantage when it comes to knowing which companies are hiring, sometimes even before they publish their job postings. With that, we are able to connect candidates with employers whose requirements suit their qualifications.

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