Superior recruitment service that effectively connects companies and candidates.

Whether you are hiring or looking for a job, Lime House Solutions delivers the recruitment service you need to get the results you want.

Get the best possible talents through us.

Let us help sustain the productivity and success of your company by connecting you with the right talents for your open IT roles.

Find your next great job opportunity with our help.

We will work with you in finding the most suitable IT role that will advance your career, whether it is CAD technician, IT technician, web designer, or web developer.

CAD Technician

Find work as a CAD technician in industries like IT, engineering, construction and manufacturing, and utilise your ability to create technical design plans.

Web Development

Build, create and maintain websites of diverse types and assist companies in building their web presence, engaging with their customers and managing their offerings and conversions.

Web Design

Make fast, flexible and growth-driven website designs for companies and help them send the best impression, keep their leads on the page, reach more clients and achieve more conversions.

UX Design

Provide positive and meaningful user experiences by creating easy-to-navigate digital products, services or systems that meet users’ expectations.

Software Engineering

Apply your technical expertise to develop and build computer systems, software and applications for tech and retail giants and even government agencies.

Cyber Security

Tap into your technical know-how to thwart any serious cyber attack. Find work as a system administrator, security specialist, network engineer, security technician, incident responder, or penetration tester.

IT Technician

Pursue a role as an IT technician and use your technical knowledge and capability in helping companies ensure the smooth running of their computer systems.

How we work

Part of successful staffing or job search is having a recruitment partner you can count on. That is what Lime House Solutions is here for. We are 100 percent committed to help you find the best possible talents or job opportunity for your needs. Beyond that, companies and candidates choose us because we work with great efficiency and with a focus on results. Here is a look at how we operate.

Careful Needs Assessment

Regardless if you are a hiring company or a candidate, we take the time to understand your needs so we can come up with the right recruitment solution.

Jobs Not Interview Slots

As professional recruiters, we work around companies' requirements and candidates' skills to make sure that we help them fill and secure job roles and not just book interview slots.

Targeting Retention

During recruitment, we place great importance in matching companies and candidates, focusing on skills alignment and values and cultural fit.

Support All the Way

From inital contact, to sourcing and screening, to onboarding, we ensure that we are with companies and candidates in every step of the way.

About Lime House Solutions

Lime House Solutions is a recruitment and professional development specialist. We help candidates search for and secure jobs and assist companies in finding the right talents for their open roles. At the moment, we focus on recruitment and professional development for the following to areas and roles:

Winning Recruitment Solutions for Candidates and Companies

We serve as a bridge that connects candidates to companies and vice versa.

Job search and role and company matching

We help candidates in the job search process by finding roles and hiring companies whose skills, background and experience requirements match theirs. With us, candidates do not have to miss out on the right opportunity.

CV/resume and interview prep

We help candidates enhance their professional profiles so their experiences and capabilities are properly highlighted. We also provide interview preparation assistance, giving candidates the confidence they need to stand out and do well during interviews.

Mentorship and work experience

For candidates who need more background and experience in roles like CAD technician and IT technician or in areas that include web development, web design, UX design, cyber security and software engineering, we provide comprehensive mentorship and work experience program that will support their professional development and employment success.

Entry-level candidate search

The time and cost spent on candidate search alone can overwhelm any company. We help companies make a wise investment of their resources by taking care of their entry-level candidate search for CAD technician, IT technician, web development, web design, UX design, cyber security and software engineering roles.

Screening and interview

Moving beyond candidate search, our professional recruiters also manage the screening and initial interview aspects of recruitment. Through this, we are able to forward candidates whose skills meet outlined requirements and who would fit in well with the organisational culture of our client companies.

Work experience placement hosting

We help companies of any size become work experience placement hosts to hard working graduates who can work remotely on varied projects at no cost. Through our innovative program, companies can train and connect with the next generation of leaders or even their next great hires.

Meaningful mentorship and work experience opportunity

Lime House Solutions is not just a recruitment specialist. We also help candidates develop their job skills and readiness by giving them access to a meaningful mentorship and work experience opportunity in web development, web design, UX design, cyber security and software engineering as well as for roles like CAD technician and IT technician.

Through our program, we support candidates in gaining valuable placements with our partner companies where they can receive guidance from a mentor and take part in doing real-world assignments and tasks that will give them solid work experience and qualifications.


Program Highlights

A lot of candidates have already tried our mentorship and work experience program, and majority of them said that it contributed in their career exploration, professional development and eventual employment. You can get into our program as well and see for yourself how it can provide you with an experience that will be invaluable to your career. Here is a quick look at what makes this program unique:

Self-regulated and flexible
Access to a professional mentor
Build practical job skills
Work on real tasks and assignments

What companies and candidates say about us

- Julie Brannen

HR Manager

"We managed to source and hire qualified candidates for our web developer positions through their assistance. They took the time to understand our needs and delivered high-calibre candidates."

- Duha Maroun

to IT technician

"I landed my first IT tech job because they didn't just connect me with the right employer; they also helped me build valuable work experience in the field, which raised my qualifications and employability."